Frame Replacement

Parts Inventory:

GMC Frame
Krylon Rubberized Undercoating
Dorman Torsion Bar Mounts
Dorman Shackles
AC Delco Fuel Line, Pressure Return and Vapor Line Assembly
AC Delco Fuel Pump 
AC Delco Charcoal Canister
AC Delco Rear Shocks
AC Delco Idler Arm
AC Delco Pitman Arm
AC Delco Upper Control Arms
AC Delco Brake Line Kit
AC Delco Lower Ball Joints
Moog Lower Shock Mount Bushings
AC Delco Sway Bar Links
Moog Inner Tie Rods
Centric Pads and Power Stop coated rotors
AC Delco Calipers
Energy Suspension Polyurethane Radiator Support and Cab Mount Bushings

We were not a big fan of the Krylon Rubberized Undercoating it didn’t adhere well to the frame. This may be due to the POR-15 coating we used prior in their defense.

This is a 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 that we purchased used and are replacing the frame on. Once finished the plan is to keep it for personal use. We will continue posting updates as we work on it.

GMC Sierra 1500

Rusted Frame

The existing frame is heavily rusted and the shock crossmember had actually broken off the frame.

Shock Crossmember
Shock crossmember broken off frame.

Worn Bushings

We removed the hood, front fenders and radiator support to inspect for rust and lifted the cab off the frame. The radiator support and body mount bushings were totally worn out and need to be replaced also.

Cab lifted off frame.

Painted Frame

We purchased a used frame with minimal surface rust. After power washing we painted with POR-15 to seal and prevent rust.

Painted Frame
Frame painted with POR-15

Applied rubberized undercoating to complete the frame. We also cleaned the rust off the transmission crossmember and torsion bar crossmember and spray painted. New torsion Bar Mounts were needed.

Rubberized Frame
Completed frame with rubberized crossmember.

Updated: July 5, 2018

We've removed the engine, transmission and transfer case from the old frame.

Removed Engine
Engine and Transmission
Cleaned Leaf Springs

Cleaned and painted the leaf springs and installed new rear shackles and differential on the new frame. The differential still needs to be cleaned and painted when time permits.

The exhaust was also transferred over. This was left as is since it was in good shape.

Transferred Exhaust
Shackles on right rear

The old fuel lines had rotted out so all new lines are bolted on. Below you can see the new Fuel Line, Pressure Return and Vapor Line Assembly.

Fuel Lines

Front DifferentialWe power-washed the front differential and installed it onto the frame.

The existing fuel tank was cleaned and installed along with a new fuel pump assembly. The charcoal canister, a part of the emissions system, was also replaced. The fuel pump failure caused the original canister to become saturated.

Fuel Tank

New rear shocks were added. You can see the right rear shock in the picture below. 

Rear Shocks

Updated: July 9, 2018

Installation of new front end components (idler arm, pitman arm)

Front End Components

New upper control arms.


New Brake Lines. The old lines had a lot of rust so we replaced just to be safe.

Brake LinesBrake Lines

Cleaned and painted torsion bars, lower control arms and torsion bar keys.
Torsion Bar
Torsion Bar

Lower Control Arm
Lower Control Arm
Lower Control Arm
Lower Control Arm
Torsion Bar Key RightTorsion Bar Keys     Torsion Bar Keys

Lower control arms with new ball joints and lower shock mount bushing on both sides, front shocks, front sway bar and links, inner tie rods front brakes installed with new hoses.  

Front Shocks
Lower Control Arms
 Engine, transmission and transfer case are installed on new frame. 
New calipers on the brakes are also shown here.

Engine installed


Engine on frame

New calipers

Frame Mount Original
Frame Mount ModifiedFrame and radiator support mounting holes original size. 

This is a Canadian built truck which was only manufactured for 2 years between 1999 and 2000 and we were not able to find the correct bushings for this frame. 

The original frame holes were 40.8 millimeters.

The holes had to be altered to accept the 52 millimeter bushings that were available for this style of truck.

Installed Bushings

After altering of frame and radiator support holes we installed new Energy Suspension polyurethane radiator support and cab mount bushings.  

Frame Mount Bushings Passenger side frame mount bushings.

Driver Side radiator support and frame mount bushings.

Frame Mount BushingsFrame Mount Bushings

Cab over frame

New frame assembly placed under cab ready for cab assembly.

Cab over frame

 The cab is lowered on to the frame assembly and the bushings are torqued to spec.

Cab lowered

Bushings torqued

Pictures of bed assembly, fenders and front grill coming up. 

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